Date:June 10, 2022

Linda Cannon, LCOTA, Manager Clinical Internship Program



  • [6] months of service in this role. [13.5] years as ADO under RehabCare/Kindred
  • {Associate of Science in OTA }


Main Role

Coordinate the registration process between the school/student/hospital. This includes updating affiliation agreements, monitoring required documents to approve a clinical rotation, maintaining a positive relationship with our partners, school faculty, and student.

Why do you like your job?

Helping students find the path to their career journey and hearing their passion and excitement. I have an opportunity to speak to a diverse group of people each day. Learning from them and assisting them to alleviate any registration concerns is a wonderful opportunity for my own personal and professional growth.

What motivates you to do what you do every day?

Knowing that in some small way I have an opportunity to make someone’s day a bit better. That a student has found a place with us that will launch their career and one day could become my own caregiver.

Professional Words of Wisdom

Nothing is a failure when you learn. Being nice and understanding costs you nothing and pays benefits to those around you.