Mission, Vision, Core Values, and High Five Guiding Principles:


Making Communities Healthier®


We want to create places where:

  • People choose to come for healthcare
  • Physicians want to practice and
  • Employees want to work

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity and Trustworthiness
  • Inclusion
  • Compassion
  • Legal/Ethical Compliance

High Five Guiding Priciples

  • Delivering high quality patient care
  • Supporting physicians
  • Creating excellent workplaces for our employees
  • Taking a leadership role in our communities
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility

Code of Conduct

REACH represents LifePoint’s commitment to empowering and investing in our nurses over the full lifespan of their careers and supporting their growth and success every step of the way.

REACH stands for:

  • Retention & Recruitment
  • Education
  • Advancement
  • Culture and
  • Honors.

For more information about REACH, visit  REACH (

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